Friday, September 29, 2006

Last night's Emmaus Road Gathering...

First of all, I have to say that I was quite pleased with the food that people brought last night...wonderful, tasty, healthy...mmmm, good job people. Old friends and new friends came together for a meal and conversation.

We spent a good amount of time in sporadic conversations before gathering in the Scandrette's living room in a circle. Lisa had recently redecorated with a cozy fall theme. Candles flickered and we relaxed into our seats. We were given time to share how we came to be sitting in that room. Colorful and meaningful stories were shared from our personal narratives. Past joys, failures and disappointments were discussed. Hopes for the future were shared. Many of us yearn to speak openly of a God who is bigger than the boxes we have encountered. We yearn to speak our questions and doubts without fear of funny expressions and quick trips through memorized steps to cure us of whatever it is that is making us different. We yearn for community and authenticity. We yearn for Jesus.

We hope that relationships and friendships would spring from these conversations. May each of us find the courage from the Spirit of God to take the steps we need to take in our journey. May we know that we are loved and never alone on our journey.

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Jen said...

It was a great night! Is there a gathering this coming Thursday?

Thank you all for hosting!