Wednesday, January 18, 2006

First Emmaus Road Gathering

Monday night 25-30 of us crammed into the Scandrette home. We ate, met, discussed, connected, read Matthew 16 and prayed together. After dinner we split into 2 discussion groups. Some topics that seemed to be popping up throughout the night: a Kingdom theology, post-congregational community, living an integrated and holistic life and social justice. If you have a comment or question to follow up on the night, please post it here. We'll meet again February 20th in Oakland at the Burnett house.

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Nate Millheim said...

I was very glad that Robin Mohr was present at our gathering. (You may remember her as the Quaker). Robin wrote down a couple of books for me she thought many of us would enjoy.

A Description of the Qualifications necessary to a Gospel Minister by Samuel Bownas (orig. 1750), published by Pendle Hill Publications

The Poor Are the Church by Gilles Anouil published by 23rd Publications (interviews with Fr. Joseph Wresinski, founder of the Fourth World Movement)